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While attending a health fair in 2006, I was introduced to Bowenwork in an amazing way.  At the time I had for many months been unable to lift a milk carton or reach for a tissue due to shoulder pain and restriction.  With little expectation for anything significant to occur and mainly to appease friends who suggested "maybe whatever it is they are doing could help you" I experienced my first Bowenwork.  Of course, I didn't mention the shoulder pain at any time prior to the introductory session and simply wondered what these gentle specific "moves" could possibly be effecting.  After the short session I politely thanked the practitioners and went on my way.  Later that afternoon I was in the grocery store, reached for an item and was astounded to find that the pain and restriction in my arm and shoulder was minimal.  How could that be? And, I didn't even know what the technique was called.  I drove back to the health fair to ask, "What did you say this was called?"   Bowenwork.   

Six months later my shoulder was still doing fine and I was enrolled in my first Bowenwork class.

I invite you to discover what differences Bowenwork may make in your life.  To  schedule an appointment, please call: 916-837-0458.