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I am passionate about Bowenwork because I believe it offers each of us something unique.  It is truly a holistic technique that affects all levels of health. It has changed my ideas about what is possible in bringing about healing, improved quality of life and levels of functioning.

Sue Hawley, RN, MSN

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

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" I tripped & fell on my knees on asphalt. I'm 67 & overweight. Over a month later, my left knee hurt so badly I could hardly walk on it or move it. I asked Sue to work on it. She did some light 'Bowenwork moves' while I sat in a chair. She advised me that it may still likely hurt the next day. She was right.  However, by the second day the pain had left my knee and it was back to being functional.  I'm not sure how it works, but Bowen works!

JJ   Loomis, CA

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